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Frequently Asked Questions

Purpose and Drive

Why did Debra and Laura start Palmetto Twist?

Unsatisfied with their corporate careers Debra and Laura decided to start Palmetto Twist at a Clemson football tailgate. They asked themselves one simple question, Am I loving what I am doing now? The answer was no. That following week they coupled their knowledge of embroidery, business management, and business marketing to start Palmetto Twist. By the end of the week they had signed a lease and scheduled their grand opening for Black Friday 2012.

What differentiates Palmetto Twist from its competitors?

Unlike our competitors, At Palmetto Twist the focus is always on the customer experience. When you walk into Palmetto Twist it’s like your Pinterest board come to life, your book of ideas sampled right in front of you through numerous samples of the beautiful work that we are capable of. Couple those samples with our proprietary trade dress and store fixtures and you transport the customer to a place of relaxation which truly allows their creative juices to flow during their personalization process.

Palmetto Twist Franchise Fee and Term

Purpose and Drive

How much is the Palmetto Twist franchise fee?

The Palmetto Twist Franchise fee is $25,000.

Are there any discounts to the Palmetto Twist franchise fee?

Yes, If you are a Veteran of the U.S. Military, purchase multiple locations at once, 51% or more women owned, or you are a current employee of a Palmetto Twist store affiliated with our Palmetto Twist franchise system then you will be eligible for a discount to the franchise fee. Please speak to our sales staff to discuss these discounts if you believe you are eligible for one of them. No more than one discount can be used to the franchise fee.

What is the initial term of the franchise agreement?

The initial term for your Palmetto Twist Franchise Agreement is ten years. Which is renewable with 270 days’ written notice prior to expiration of the initial term.

Is there a renewal fee for subsequent terms?

Yes, our renewal fee is $2,000 and is due in full 90 days prior to the expiration of your current Palmetto Twist franchise agreement term.

Initial Investment and Space Requirement

Purpose and Drive

What is the total cost to open a Palmetto Twist branded retail store?

The estimated initial investment for a Palmetto Twist branded retail store is between $170,000 and $252,500 depending on your monthly rent, build-out and up-fit of location and initial equipment purchased. You can see a detailed breakdown of these costs in Item 7 of our FDD.

What is the return on my investment, and how much money should I make?

It is equally important to qualify this question as it is to quantify it. We do not make any earnings claims, representations, or guarantees on financial performance because of the various unpredictable factors involved with your success. However, we offer an Item 19 in our 2016 Franchise Disclosure Document to help you effectively compare our business model to your expectations of income.

What is the cost of my furniture, fixtures and equipment?

This number may vary based upon the amount of equipment you choose to purchase. Our Item 7 estimates that you will spend between $29,000 to $44,000 depending on whether you already have the necessary equipment or if you purchase new equipment. To stay on the lower end of this range you have the option of utilizing a recommended provider for leasing the embroidery machines.

How much space should I look for when locating a building?

You can easily operate a Palmetto Twist in 1700 + square feet. We have an extensive list of suggested things to look for when locating your building in our Site Selection Manual that you receive once you have signed the Preliminary Agreement and paid the associated fee.

How much will it cost me out of pocket if I finance the purchase?

The minimum amount of cash on hand we require to be considered as a Palmetto Twist franchisee is $40,000. This amount should cover the equity injection required by our lending partners. Depending on your available collateral and credit worthiness this figure may vary.

Royalties and Other Fees Paid to the Franchisor

Purpose and Drive

What is the ongoing royalty fee?

Palmetto Twist charges an ongoing royalty of 8% of your gross sales. Gross sales are calculated weekly and Royalty payments are debited through ACH withdrawal on Wednesday of each week. By joining Palmetto Twist you are gaining access to an ever evolving library of designs. You will enjoy the benefits of our buying power, brand awareness, higher than average margins on retail products and services, and the continuous support of our experienced franchise professionals.

Do your competitors charge a royalty fee?

Yes, our competitors do charge a Royalty Fee. Some competitors charge a lesser fee than we do however, they typically charge a substantially higher initial Franchise Fee. We have decided to keep our Franchise Fee low in order to facilitate an easier entry to ownership. Franchise companies that charge a higher initial fee and a lower royalty rate are likely making more money than they would by charging a lesser fee up front. Your advisors should be able to help you calculate this during your due diligence process.

Do I pay any other fees to Palmetto Twist on an ongoing basis?

The only other fees paid to Palmetto Twist is a $5,000 training fee, 1% of your gross sales to our national marketing fund, and a software fee of $100 per month to help offset the cost of providing you the updated designs, locations listing on the website, and other items disclosed in our operations manual.

Palmetto Twist Franchise Training

Purpose and Drive

What type of initial training do you offer and how much does it cost?

Our initial training consists of four weeks of classroom and on-the-job training that is split between our corporate location and your actual storefront. In training we will extensively cover the three main areas of your Palmetto Twist, the retail store, production, and back office procedures.

Do you offer any on site training?

Yes, our Grand Opening Training consists of 3 weeks of onsite assistance to ensure that you and your equipment are prepared for your Grand Opening.

Does the on site training cost me any additional money?

No, our onsite Grand Opening training is included in the payment of your training fee. Should you decide that you need more than 3 weeks of Grand Opening support we can offer you additional operations assistance for $250 per additional day. We also offer ongoing operations assistance during the term of your franchise agreement if you request it for the same daily fee.

Your Experience

Purpose and Drive

Do I need to have retail experience?

Having retail experience would be an advantage but is not necessary. Our Palmetto Twist franchise program includes everything you need from store set, to ordering assistance for your initial inventory. Just bring your motivation and enthusiasm and we will teach you the rest.

Do I need to be artistic, what if I don’t have a creative bone in my body?

Let’s just say, we don’t believe there is a person in the world that doesn’t have a creative bone somewhere in their body. You do not need to be artistic to operate a Palmetto Twist Franchise, through our extensive design library and our guidance on what to look for in your production staff the artistic aspect will be simple.

Do I need to have purchasing or ordering experience?

No, we provide you with the approved vendors and suggested products for your Palmetto Twist store and help you complete your initial inventory purchase during training. We also provide you with updated information for each season so that you always know what products are available.

Home Office Support

Purpose and Drive

What are the qualifications of your support and leadership team?

le meilleur site de rencontre gratuit en france indonesian dating club tools für binäre optionen pop over to this web-site dating in duluth ga rencontre bucolique définition russische frau kennenlernen kostenlos Laura Gault is the co-founder of Palmetto Twist and Palmetto Twist Holdings. Laura has always had the desire to build her own empire and to have fun doing it! Laura’s career has taken her down the path of Human Resources, Business Management, Retail, Sales, Business Development and is currently promoting the Palmetto Twist franchise system in the South, Southeast and Southwest of the United States. She also, provides support to stores currently in the franchise system. Laura lives in Spartanburg, SC with her husband Jim and 2 boys Bryson and Bowen.

Debra Patrick is the co-founder of Palmetto Twist and Palmetto Twist Holdings. Debra is the workhorse behind the Palmetto Twist franchise sales process, store level advertising, and uses her breadth of embroidery knowledge to help support our franchisees. Debra is a seasoned business owner who has built numerous businesses over her career. Always rooted in the retail sector Debra coupled her knowledge of apparel purchasing with her long time hobby of embroidery to build a solid foundation for the production side of Palmetto Twist. Debra resides in Boiling Springs, SC with her husband David.

Maegan Patrick is our Director of Retail Operations. Maegan started with Palmetto Twist from inception and plays a very intricate role in all aspects of the store level. Maegan spends her time assisting the stores with; questions regarding ordering products and supplies, Overseeing product replenishment, New product inquiries, Customer Service, Merchandising, and Staff Development. Maegan also, serves as part of our store opening team. Maegan lives in Spartanburg, SC.

Getting Started

Purpose and Drive

How long does it take to open a Palmetto Twist?

From the time you find, and we approve, a location for your Palmetto Twist you can be open within 6 weeks depending on available training dates and availability of your contractor to complete the required improvements to your store front.

Why are we required to attend a Discovery Day, and what is it about?

Attending our Discovery Day at our home office is one of the single most important aspects of your due diligence process. Spending the day together at our home office will give you insight into Palmetto Twist that you would otherwise never get. Before entering into a ten year agreement with us you should feel comfortable with the compatibility of the skills and personalities of our Palmetto Twist franchise team. We highly recommend visiting any Franchise companies home office so you can validate the resources that will support you should you choose to join the franchise system.

Do you suggest that we have an attorney review the FDD and franchise agreement?

Yes, we highly suggest that you have an attorney or other trusted advisor review the FDD and franchise agreement on your behalf. However, we also suggest that should you choose to have an attorney review the documents that you seek out a qualified franchise attorney as the agreements are much more complex than traditional contracts and often franchisees spend more money in dealing with an attorney that does not have credible franchise experience. The International Franchise Association has a list of credible franchise attorneys on their website at:

I’m ready to get started, what’s next?

Fill out our request for information and a member of our Palmetto Twist franchise team will be in contact with you shortly.

Bring the premier monogram, embroidery, and personalization franchise to your neighborhood.

At Palmetto Twist we’re dedicated to smart and strategic growth. To honor that commitment, we’ve launched a strategic expansion plan, which includes development in new markets across the country and growing the brand in existing regions where we already have a presence.

To inquire about a future market please contact our franchise development staff to learn when we anticipate releasing that market.

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Training & Support

At Palmetto Twist we provide outstanding support and training for our franchisees. It begins when you purchase your franchise and never ends with our continuous improvements to the system.


Why It Works

Customers come in to the store to look at the retail products we offer. These products include apparel, baby items, purses and totes, home items, candles, drinkware, and many other items.



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